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"Rootlines is a remarkable memoir. It touches profoundly on life realities that all can relate to: family emotional healing, a life-threatening health issue and the author herself wrapping her life throughout. Rikki's addiction, recovery, and her lesbian identity together figure in she and her sister being re-connected in a profound way. Rikki saving her sister's life is nothing short of miraculous. This is a page-turner that shouldn't be missed! 

— JoAnn Loulan, author of Lesbian Passion: Loving Ourselves and Each Other 

An arresting story of a family built upon brittle foundations, breaking through obstacles both physical and psychic to care for one another through the decades. Frank, fragile, tough, and unrelenting in its honesty, this is a triumphant tale that will linger in your heart.

-- Susan X Meagher, author of over forty novels. 


“Fascinating, engaging, and moving . . . on the level of Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, with the immune system taking the place of the motorcycle.”

—Richard S. Marken, PhD, author of Controlling People: The Paradoxical Nature of Being Human


 “A hard book to put down, and a gift that marks a path for others to follow.  Inspiring!" 

—C. Deborah Laughton, Senior Editor and Methods

“This is a story of relentless and unwavering improvement. . . . Read this tale of a badass who jumped into the ring with no hesitation, sparring with people half her age and double her size.”

—Jake Timoteo, Certified Personal Trainer and Muay Thai Fighter

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