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A Memoir

... of courage, forgiveness, and intention.

"Rootlines is a remarkable memoir. It touches profoundly on life realities that all can relate to: family emotional healing, a life-threatening health issue and the author herself wrapping her life throughout....

JoAnn Loulan, author of Lesbian Passion: Loving Ourselves and Each Other 



A remarkable story of hope and determination passionately recounted.... See review.

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Let Me Introduce You - Laughing Dog, My Blog

 I share my discoveries of happiness and peace as the natural condition of my being.  I discuss my insights and questions on the path of inquiry.  I explore ways to understand difficult emotions such as isolation, depression, anxiety, jealousy, or grief.   Read More


Welcome to my website!  I write about the healing and uplifting impact of connecting with one’s rich, inner world.


Besides being a truth seeker, I am a mother, sister, student of Yoga and Zen, and an aspiring Muay Thai kickboxer.  I’ve been sober since I was 32 when I embraced the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous about 38 years ago.  I’ve been out as a lesbian since my mid-twenties, and due to the blessing of gay marriage, I am now the wife of Jill Anne Devine.   


In recent years, when my older sister had to confront a deadly cancer, I turned inward for courage, and began to understand that the inner world is real.  Whatever it is in there that is aware, it’s not nothing:  It’s being.  It’s me.  It’s you.  

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