Welcome to my website!  I write about the healing and uplifting impact of connecting with one’s rich, inner world.


Besides being a truth seeker, I am a mother, sister, student of Yoga and Zen, and an aspiring Muay Thai kickboxer.  I’ve been sober since I was 32 when I embraced the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous about 38 years ago.  I’ve been out as a lesbian since my mid-twenties, and due to the blessing of gay marriage, I am now the wife of Jill Anne Devine.   


In recent years, when my older sister had to confront a deadly cancer, I turned inward for courage, and began to understand that the inner world is real.  Whatever it is in there that is aware, it’s not nothing:  It’s being.  It’s me.  It’s you.  


 I love birdwatching, interesting books, meditation, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  My greatest passion is ideas, and my big thrills come from understanding a new subject, perspective, or person. I celebrate being the mother of Lauren Magnolia and godmother of  Morgan Lisa. 

I earned a bachelor’s degree in genetics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a masters in integrative humanities from San Francisco State University.  In my mid-twenties I came out, and due to the blessing of gay marriage, I am now the wife of Jill Anne Devine. When I was 32, I embraced the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober ever since.  Now retired from a thirty-five-year high-tech management career, I enjoy a contemplative life, writing and playing guitar, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Muay Thai demands physical courage. That’s one reason I’m fighting. Self-respect is another. And the ability to regain my serenity. And confidence.

The workouts have reshaped my body. I’ve got shoulders and calves that my younger body never met. I’ve learned to absorb the jarring when a strike connects, so I don’t lose focus. This training has made my whole body less fearful of aggression. That means it doesn’t dump a load of cortisol into my blood and freeze me with fear before it’s really necessary. It means my body trusts itself to handle a lot more before it starts to worry.